Writing an introduction for an academic essay

Today we are going to talk about how to put your paper in APA format. So let's say you're in a class and you've been assigned to write a paper in APA format and you've never done this before. The APA manual would be a great place to start, but I'm gonna give you a quick video here that's gonna show you the basics of how to do this. and I'm taking this all from the latest APA manual. So the first thing I'm gonna do ... I'm opening up Word, let's make sure it's double spaced. yours is probably set up to be double spaced but I'm just making sure it's double spaced. So what I did was I went there to paragraph, clicked that little arrow, and made sure it's set to double spaced.

So the first thing I would do is, let's deal with the page numbers, the running head, or the header. And what we're gonna do, there's a pretty easy way to do this. So you're gonna need to have your page number and your title up here at the top. And a lot of people just start typing it into the body, that's not the way it's supposed to be done. It's supposed to be up in the margin here. So how you do that, you go to insert and then just click page number here, and it's going to be at the top of the page. So choose this third one here, plain number three. O.K. So now we're up here in the margin. Now the regular header, APA is little bit different where the header is going to be different on the first page than it is from the others. We'll deal with that in a second. For right now, let's just go up in here and we're gonna type, we're going to type our title in all caps and if the title's too long you can do an abbreviation of it. And I'm just gonna pull this straight from the manual. This is the title of my paper in all caps.

Now I, I definitely, I want this page number here too, but this, this is supposed to be over to the left, This title, so what I'm gonna do is click "Tab." O.K. And when I click "Tab" it takes this over to the left, my title, and puts my page number here. Now what I'm going to have to do, because this is going to be what my page two, three, four, and five are going to look like, my first page is gonna have to look a little bit different. So up here I'm going to click "different first page." Now it wants to know what I'm supposed to write on my first page. Now in APA what we're gonna do is type in not in caps, "Running head." And then a colon, then in all caps, our title again. Then I'm going to click "Tab" and then type my first page number which is 1. Of course,

Now, I'm going to close the header and footer. So, if all is working according to plan, if I hit return or enter, and go down to the second page, we should see something. So see how it says "Running head: EFFECTS OF AGE ON DETECTION OF EMOTION" and "1"? We should just see "EFFECTS OF AGE ON DETECTION OF EMOTION" without the "Running head" and page 2 when we get to the second page. O.K. So there we see, it did it correctly. So there's our general header and 2. And when we go back up here to the top. there we see "Running head: EFFECTS OF AGE ON DETECTION OF EMOTION." O.K. So we've got the header, the running head, together there and that's that's one of the trickiest things to do with this. O.K. Next, let's deal with our title. This is going to be our title page here. So I'm going to enter down here. You're going to return a few times right about there, let's go one less. I'm going to center this and then I'm going to type my title. Now this time, it's not going to be in caps. O.K.? So there we go. There's the title and you know what, let me just copy that so I can just paste this in because we're gonna need this a few more times.

So we've got the title now. We're gonna type in the author's name, and let's put my name here. And then we're going to hit return and then type in the college that we're associated with. Alright, so there's our title page. Now, if you're doing a really formal page here, or a formal paper, you would do an author note, a little bit further down here in the paper where you would say,"This paper was funded by a grant from..." or, "I'm giving thanks to these people for helping me to write this paper." But for an academic paper, generally speaking, you're not gonna need an author note. So let's go the second page where we're gonna do the abstract of the paper. And you may not always need an abstract but sometimes you're going to need an abstract. And the abstract is going to be a summary of your paper. So, I'm going to hit return here and go to the second page. O.K. And the second page at the top of the paper, if you've been asked to do this, we're going to type in "Abstract." This is going to be our abstract,

And then we hit enter. Now we take the centering off. And you don't indent it here, there's no indention here. We just start typing our abstract, which is going to be a summary of the paper. And I'm going to be pulling this directly from the APA manual. And then you would just keep going. It's about, it's a paragraph long, a few lines might want to go right down to about here. So this would be the abstract. O.K. So we have that setup. Let's go into the body of the paper now. So, then the abstract has its own page and then we would, for when the body of the paper starts, we would then return to a new page. Then up at the top of the paper, we would center it. And then I'm going to drop the title in again. I had copied that so I didn't have to type that in again. So we would center it. Now we take the centering off and this time we do indent. And we start typing our paper.

And you would just start typing your paper there. So those are the the basics of what the format should be. Let's talk about the very last page of the paper. This is gonna be a references page, where you show the articles and books, websites that you used to come up with your paper. So I'm going to center it up here at the top of this paper. It's going to be the last page of your paper. And we're going to center it up here. And then we're going to type "References." Now, references is not going to be in bold and it's not going to be underlined. That's a common mistake I see people make. So, we have references, we're going to hit enter and we're gonna take this back over to the left. Now, we're going to put in our citations, and APA format is very picky about how they like to see citations. I'm just going to go grab an article that I want to use for this. Let's say, for example, you were using the database ProQuest. So here is, here is an example of an article you might want to use for this paper as it appears in ProQuest. Now, ProQuest is kind of nice because they have this little cite feature and I'll cover this more in other videos. We'll click "Cite" here, and assuming this is gonna do it it's taking a few seconds here and well, I'll click this again so when I click Cite, it brings up this citation. Now in our version of ProQuest, MLA is by default what comes up, but we can change this to APA. And then it takes it and puts it into APA format. So what I can do, I can copy and paste this citation in and make a few modifications to it. I go back to my paper here and I'm going to paste this in and then we have this. Let's make this a little bit better. So I'm gonna make this a little bigger so we can see this. So we're gonna have to change a few things here, first off the font is wrong. Let's change the font to Times New Roman twelve-point. The color is a little bit lighter than it should be. So I'm gonna highlight all this, here's font color. I'm going to change that to a standard black.

And there should be a hanging indent here, which means the second and third line should be indented over. So I'm gonna highlight all this go up here to paragraph, click this little arrow, change the "Special" under indentation, to a hanging indent. And then make sure it's set to double. If it's not set to double, we could make it set to double and there you go. Now also "Retrieved from," it just has to go to ProQuest.com. You don't need all this stuff here. You can leave it in there if you want. I wouldn't. I think it's more proper to take that out. We just want to see what database it came from. And sometimes you'll have a DOI, a Digital Object Identifier, there. But here we don't we just have retrieved from EssayWritingOrder.com. And then just check it over for any errors. But that's a nice-looking citation there. So that's the basics of how to write a paper in APA format.

Let me know if you have any questions. and that's basically it you might want to come up with a paper like this and save it as a format and then every time you do a new paper you could type this in or save it as a template and then every time you would do a new paper you would just have to plug the new information in so there you go thanks a lot for watching