Good Annotated Bibliography Sample

I want to go over the parts of the annotated bibliography sample, and I chose one from a student who volunteered her annotated bibliography as it was a successful one, and I want to show you the parts of it that both satisfy the assignment and make this a successful annotated bibliography. So you can see here in the header the student has-- I just used her initials--but you would have your name, the section of your English 145 class, the assignment which is Annotated Bibliography, and then the date. She has a working title here, The Ultimate Lie: Fake News, and this ended up being her final title. Up here you see the last name and page numbers or that's what you will have in your header on the right-hand side of each page.

Now for the annotated bibliography sample, you're required to include two to three paragraphs in this section to start out, which not only reminds the reader of your quest project-- your quest topic-- but also show how your thinking has evolved now that you've done all this great research. So you can see here the student addresses not only what her quest project is--fake news and how she came to know about it and kind of learn a little bit more about it--but also how she has come to think about the topic now that she's done this research, so she kind of hints about what things she found in her research: "I was also able to address news consumption habits within the youth and find evidence on so groups that are more susceptible to deceit than others.

So you get an idea of not only that she's done this research but it's actually helped her develop her thinking on this topic. She provides a key, and, for the annotated bibliography sample, we have eight sources required: five of those must be from the library databases, and of those five to should be peer reviewed sources. So she provides her key here which makes it very clear; she numbers her sources which I really appreciate; she uses MLA eighth edition for the citations, which is correct and appropriate for our class. So here you have a double asterisk which indicates to me that this is a peer-reviewed source. The last name comma first name period; here's the title of the article; the journal title comes afterwards. It is in italics and that's appropriate. The volume, the number, the date, and the page range, period.

Then kind of the second container for the MLA citation which is the database, and then the comma and the URL. And as you see here the database is also in italics. Now for each source, you are to provide a summary of the source in one paragraph, and that is in your words not just the abstract copied, and so here's the summary of the source. And then another paragraph that explains how you're going to use that source. So she says here, "I chose this article because it mainly focuses on teens as the subject which is a subset that is relatively understudied within the findings of news consumption." Great.

So she lets us know how this source is going to serve her paper you can see she does that for each of her sources. The annotated bibliography sample is single-spaced, but you can have this spacing between sources and also between your paragraphs, your citations, and your paragraphs that makes it very clean and that's appropriate. So you can see here here's source number five, number six, number seven, number eight. So you know in all this turned out to be a five page annotated bibliography, more or less single spaced, and it's very well done, and certainly satisfies the assignment. So I hope this is helpful to you.