How To Prepare for Exams Like a Pro

So all the steps you need to take to be fully prepared for whatever is coming

First thing you need to do when learning how to prepare for exams is to gather all the things you need to study — your summaries, your notes, your syllabus, the powerpoints from the teacher, and of course, your books. This may sound so obvious, but I know a lot of students who don't even have their books when the exams are coming. The second thing you should do is make a planner, especially when you have to study a lot of things. I've made two videos one video about how I use my daily planner and one about how to prepare fpr exams that I will link in the description box. Plus, I always use these methods on how to prepare for exams. Also, make sure you leave one or two days before the exam, especially when it's a big one, for revision or a backup if you're behind on your schedule or to practice a little bit more. When you start studying, you should constantly keep in mind what the exam is going to look like.

This is going to make you study a lot more efficiently so when you know the exam is going to be a lot of theory questions of course, you're going to study all the definitions by heart or if you know that you have to solve some cases that you need to practice some cases at home my next tip is to study in the most efficient way no one likes to study for hours and hours and hours because it's so tiring so choose the method that is the smartest so if you know that your exam is going to have super detailed questions of course, you're not going to summarise your whole book because if you need to write in all the details, you're just going to rewrite your book and that's going to take way too much time another thing that you should keep in mind if you don't understand something you can one - ask your professor but if you are not able to ask your professor because i don't know you don't have any lectures you can use google to search for the answer or you can ask your friends never hesitate to ask something you don't understand if you notice that you're running out of time it's time to prioritise so, study the most important things and if you notice that you are spending too much time on a chapter, just skip it and go to the next chapter and if you have some time left you can go back to the chapters that you didn't completely study because they were too hard or too boring or whatever my next tip is to use your content table as a revision sheet before the exam so your content table is basically a really really short summary of your whole book so grab your content table and read a chapter and try to tell everything you know about that chapter and if you don't know something if you forgot something just go back to that chapter and study it again if you have saved the last one or two days before the exam for backup or revising you can also use it to practice old exams.

So in my university we have a facebook group chat where we share our old exams and you can just look at that and practice them but we also have a dropbox where we share old exam questions so you can use that to practice and if you don't understand a question or you don't know the answer you can study it again the last thing before the exam is to get a good night's rest so your brain is all fresh and your body is awake and you can concentrate really good on the exam so those are my tips to fully prepare your exam.