Writing Tips & Careers : How to Write a Book Bibliography

I'm going to talk with you about how to write a book bibliography.

So you've written a book that has a lot of research in it. But you want to know how to compile all that. Well first of all my first piece of advice is if you are still writing the book I would start to compile research now and to actually take down all the information that you need in order to make your bibliography as you are going through the book. Cause you are going to find that you may forget certain sources that you were thinking of at the time you were writing, you are going to say, you know did I take that idea from someone you know, I don't know where it came from.

This is not necessarily just about citing things and being worried about you know copyright protection and stuff like that. This is also about giving your readers supplemental material to your book. So if you are writing a book so far as a how to book, you are going to have a bibliography attached to it that's going to have all the sources that you ever looked at so that your readers can look at that bibliography and then therefore, go off from it and find more things that are going to interest them and help them become better at whatever you are trying to help them do. So include all of your citation information in your bibliography and I would say write it down as you go along.

And I do have an example of you know sort of how to cite these things. You are going to do it probably in a pretty standard MLA format. And you are going to want to do it in alphabetical order. Ok. So that's how to form a book bibliography.