Proposal Research paper

The proposal essay is an essay in which you present a solution to a problem.

This is your research paper, so it is going to be a lot of research into what the problem is, how it occurred, why we should fix it and then how to fix it. That is why it makes an ideal research paper. There are some requirements for this paper. You need to use research for the benefits of solving the problem, also previously tried solutions and any causes of this problem that you can identify. Keep in mind that you can't fix something if you don't know why it is happening. Use your research to support all of your proposals as well.

I don't want your ideas per se. I want the research proposals that are out there. In the evaluation, this is your ideas. Explain how the proposal will fix the causes that you identified. Evaluate each proposal or part of a proposal if you have broken it into pieces on pros and cons. What is going to be good about it? What are some problems with what you are trying to do. The majority of your information needs to come from academic journals or reliable college-level websites. There are citation requirements. It is a research paper. You need to cite every single paragraph that contains paraphrased information or summarized information. So that means basically every paragraph except evaluation paragraphs if those are separate paragraphs. Try to balance the paper 75% paraphrase and 25% quotations. Paraphrasing sounds more like you.

Try to use short quotes rather than sentence length quotes. Only one block quote allowed, and it cannot be more than half a page long. I know that sounds pretty obvious, but I have had people try to block quote the whole paper. All sources on the works cited page have to be cited at least once inside the essay. It is not a bibliography where you could site anything you read. Works cited means I used this source in the paper. Websites do not have page numbers unless what you read looks like a copy of a book or a journal, and it has clearly visible page numbers.

So don't worry about that. Just have the author or the title. In the introduction, you have got to have a hook. You need to identify the problem and provide statistics to indicate the scope of the problem. So in this case you are talking about high school reform maybe. What kind of problems are happening? Is there a drop out rate problem? Is there a mental health issue problem? What problem are you looking at? You do not use a directional thesis in a research paper. Just state what exact the problem is and that you have found viable solutions. In a longer paper you really don't want a directional thesis, just the topic and the purpose of this essay. In the first body paragraph, you need to explain what are the benefits of fixing this problem. This needs to come from research, but it will include your ideas intermixed with it.Why do we want to fix high schools for example. What good things will come out of a better high school. In the second body paragraph, this is going to address what has already been tried to fix this. So, what other solutions have people already tried that didn't work out so well. It is kind of your counter-argument paragraph. We have tried this, we have tried that. Those things aren't working, all right? So find specific programs and s how why they were not complete fixes to this problem. This is research as well.

Third body paragraph or sets of paragraphs

What are the causes of this problem? You can't fix it if you do not know what is causing it. each new cause is a sub-topic in this longer body paragraph, or if you have enough information, you might use separate paragraphs. Again this is all research. Keep in mind the causes are not the bulk of the paper. The bulk of the paper is about how to fix it. So don't let the causes take over your paper. Then you have solution paragraphs. There are going to be two parts to each solution or proposal. Identify the specific solution and explain how it will work. You needs specific details for this solution, including number and at least one detailed example that supports this as a valid solution. It needs essentially to be something that researchers have proposed or school districts are talking about high school. Something that has been proposed or explained. This is research. The second section or the second paragraph for this proposal explains how it will address the causes overall. So you are going back to what you said caused the problem.

How is this going to fix it?

Then you need the pros and the cons. What is good about the solution? What things are not going to work so well? Is it going to cost too much? Is it just not practical? Things like that. There is a variation of the structure. The introduction and the first two body paragraphs remain the same. But the causes and solutions will be combined into a different format. You do benefits, and you do previously tried solutions and then you explain a particular cause of this problem. Explain a solution for that particular cause and then evaluate the solution in one section. So, you have a cause paragraph, a solution paragraph, an evaluation paragraph, and then you move on to the next cause. Conclusion, no matter how you do the body,, this is going to be a longer essay, so you will need to talk about the best solution. It should be the last one or a combination of solutions, the proposals that you have made. Why are these going to work when the other attempts failed? And overall how does this reach the benefits of solving the problem that you discussed earlier? And then remember, even though it is a research paper, it wants that really good last line. You don't really want to summarize. You want to hit us with the best stuff.