When should I start my dissertation?

And I just wanted to record a quick video for you about a question I've gotten twice this week that is a new question, a question that I have not encountered much in the last three years. And that question is, should I have started sooner on my dissertation? Or the more current variant of that question, which is should I start now on my dissertation?

Many of you are in coursework right now. And a question you might have is should I wait for my course sequence to come around to get to the dissertation class that is already embedded within my program, a research class that might already be embedded in your program? Should I wait for the steps that my university has set forth for me to start doing the work of the dissertation? And my answer's a clear, absolute no, you should not wait to start on your dissertation. So I wanna clarify and say it's not possible, outside of your university's timeline, to defend early, to advance to candidacy, to get chapters one, two, and three approved by a chair.

You have to follow those processes along the timeline that your university says. But you have the ability to do the background work that will prepare you for the challenging times ahead. And that's the number one reason I wanna get here on this video today, is to talk about the challenges ahead and to say that if you are a Mount Everest climber that was preparing for a climb that was gonna happen in about 18 months, you wouldn't not go the next 18 months without training. You would be training every single day to prepare for that climb. And quite similarly, many of you are in the shoes today of you have a lot of coursework, and you're dealing with assignments there. But there's this nagging feeling within you that something should be happening now related to your dissertation. The number one thing that I wanna say is that there is plenty you can do. And what you can do is you can be stooped in the research every day. And to take that out of the cliche what that essentially means is that every day you should be reading at least one source, one reputable source related to one of the topics that you might be interested in researching and you should annotate that resource.

You should read it. You should skim it. You should highlight sections that might be of importance to you. And then from there, you can go ahead and you can go more deeply into those paragraphs and read deeply about what that article is saying. One per day means you're meeting the par of a dissertation writer in training, someone that is working along those lines. So if you have not already, go ahead and like this page or subscribe to this channel. It's my pleasure to be working with you on this dissertation process. Send me any questions, and I will always do my best to answer them.

Have a great day, team. Good luck.